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Free on-line English to Marathi type writing tool that translated English words and numbers into Marathi language in Devnagari script on the Roman English Keyboard (QWERT), users will be able to draft a letter or any document with numeric value in Marathi language with the assistance of this tool simply. So, just type in a word of Marathi as in English voice (test how it works) within the text box below.

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आता मराठी लिहणे आदिक सोपे जहाले

Examples - 1 : " Dnyaneshwar " Type the same word in an English " Dnyaneshwar " and give a space you will get translated word in Marathi language as " ज्ञानेश्वर "

Examples - 2 : " Pradnya " Type the same word in an English " Pradnya " you will get translated word Marathi language as " प्रज्ञा " or " Rudraksh " you will get translated word Marathi language as " रुद्राक्ष "

Examples - 3 : " 1234567890 " Type the same numeric value in an English " 1234567890 " you will get translated numeric value in Marathi language as " १२३४५६७८९० " the word and numeric value which is mechanically reborn into Unicode Marathi script ( Devnagri ).

If you do not get the correct Marathi conversion word of your choice, then press keyboard Backspace button two times and you will get suggestions box of Marathi word thus you will be able to opt for the correct word from the selection box. The translation tool is hopped-up by Google Translator. To start typing click on above tab English to Marathi Translator.

Note: Type English word and give the space to get conversion of word in Marathi language. You do not simply copy and paste the content in the text area just type word by word to get proper result. You'll toggle between English to English by pressing Ctrl +g or the other way around.

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